Aspida HIPAA-Compliant eMail

Aspiida Encrypted EmailIn order to assure security and privacy of patient information, and to be HIPAA-compliant, healthcare practices must encrypt emails messages that include Protected Health Information or other personal data.

Aspida is a HIPAA compliant email service that works with PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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Aspida Mail becomes the email server for a domain, making the service completely transparent to end users.

To encrypt an email, put the word “encrypt” in the subject line or anywhere in the message body.  (Hint: to encrypt ALL email, create an email signature with the word “encrypt” embedded in it.)

All emails at on Aspida’s servers are encrypted at rest.

Aspida inspects messages for sensitive information like SSN, subscriber ID numbers, credit card numbers, etc.  If an email contains such information, Aspida will encrypt the message – erring on the side of caution – even if the word “encrypt” does not appear in the subject line or message body.

Aspida feaures


If the recipient of an encrypted email happens to be an Aspida subscriber (paying customer), the email will be forwarded directly to their inbox via a secure connection; this is possible because both the sender and recipient connect to Aspida to send/receive emails.

If the recipient is NOT an Aspida client, they will be sent an email containing a link to the view the secure e-mail message.  The first time they do this they will have to register with Aspida in order to view the message (registration is free).  For subsequent emails, they just log into Aspida with the username/password they setup previously.

Registered (non-paying) members will always get a link to view the secure message on Aspida’s servers; the message will never be delivered directly to their inbox, as that would constitute a HIPAA violation.

The price of Aspida Mail + for your domain starts at $15/mo for a single address.

BRS Dental Software Support will be glad to help you sort through the Aspida Mail options.

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