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ADA CDT 2018 Code Changes

Most insurance companies will require that claim submissions after January 1, 2018, use the ADA Current Dental Terminology (CDT) 2018 codes.  There are 18 new codes, and three deleted codes.  This article is intended as a summary of code changes.  Please consult the copyrighted ADA products and information at ADA CDT Resources for full CDT details.

New Codes:
D0411  HbA1c in-office point of service testing
D5511  Repair broken complete denture base, mandibular
D5512  Repair broken complete denture base, maxillary
D5611  Repair resin partial denture base, mandibular
D5612  Repair resin partial denture base, maxillary
D5621  Repair cast partial framework, mandibular
D5622  … Read the rest

New York State Requires Newer OS and Browsers for Health Commerce System

New York State announced that most Health Commerce System (HCS) functions will require supported operating systems and browsers as of June 1, 2017.  Specifically, as of June 1, Windows XP and/or Internet Explorer ver. 9 (and older) will no longer have access to the HCS.  The NYS HCS is used for the I-Stop and PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program), for which access is required when prescribing controlled substances.

Newer Microsoft Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer versions may be used after June 1, as can alternate operating systems and browsers (including Apple Mac OS, and Google Chrome).

For the complete NYS … Read the rest

ADA Board of Trustees vote to create a national dental licensure exam

The American Dental Association Board of Trustees voted this month to begin the process to create a national (USA) dental licensure exam.  In addition to the potential to have a single exam applicable for all states, the proposed exam would no longer include actual patient treatment.  Currently, in most cases dental licensure exams require that the applicant dentist recruit patients to be presented with actual treatment.

The ADA-proposed new Objective Structured Clinical Exam (“OSCE”) would be based on current testing and licensure methods used for other medical specialties, and in other parts of the world.  For example, an OSCE exam … Read the rest


A New Email Threat

Ransomware Joins Viruses and Phishing

80% of ALL data theft begins with ‘phishing’.
That happens when a person clicks on a link or
a file attachment in an email

A Common Thread in Malware
Social engineering is extensively used to distribute ransomware as well as malicious viruses and ‘phishing’ for information. Email is the most common vector – usually with malware sent as an attachment (typically zip, doc, or xls files). As criminals harvest email addresses from unknowing victims, it’s possible that the sender email on a ransomware attempt is someone you know, or a business … Read the rest

ADA CDT 2017 Code Changes

Most insurance companies will require that claim submissions after January 1, 2017, use the ADA CDT 2017 codes.  There are 11 new codes, and one deleted code (D0290).  This article is intended as a summary of code changes.  Please consult the copyrighted ADA resources at ADA CDT Resources .

New codes:

D0414 Laboratory processing of microbial specimen to include culture and sensitivity studies, preparation and transmission of written report
D0600 Non-ionizing diagnostic procedure capable of quantifying, monitoring, and recording changes in structure of enamel, dentin, and cementum
D1575 Distal shoe space maintainer – fixed – unilateral
D4346 Scaling in presence … Read the rest

Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft has made upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 “free” for some time.  Microsoft has stated that free Windows 10 upgrades will end on July 29, 2016.  Previously, Microsoft has suggested that users upgrade to Windows 10, and has provided links and pop-ups on the Windows desktop and task bar suggesting that users upgrade.  In the past few weeks, Microsoft has taken a more aggressive tact, including the Windows 10 upgrade in the “Recommended” Windows update selections.  Some Windows users are surprised to find their computers in the midst of an unexpected Windows 10 upgrade, which … Read the rest

ADA article on new guidance for patient PHI in unencrypted emails

The ADA published an article on Feb. 26, 2016, summarizing new guidance from the Office of Civil Rights.  If a patient demands that Protected Health Information be provided via unsecure email, the health care provider must abide by the patient request after warning the patient of potential security risks of the unsecure email.

See for the complete article, and links to the HHS resources.

This ruling does NOT apply for provider-to-provider communications, which must be done using a secure method, such as encrypting messages.… Read the rest

BRS Dental presented at New York Dental Forum meeting

BRS Dental was invited to join other presenters at the New York Dental Forum’s Clinical Treatment Planning continuing education seminar on February 9, 2016 ( NY Dental Forum on Facebook  ).  The New York Dental Forum seminar was held at New York University’s College of Dentistry Rosenthal Aesthetic Institute.  Randy Smith, Senior VP of Consulting and Support, spoke on the New York State mandate requiring that all medical providers, including dentists, use only electronic prescriptions as of March 27, 2016 (delayed from March, 2015). Over two years ago BRS Dental partnered with DrFirst to offer dentists an integrated solution incorporating … Read the rest

Microsoft Drops Support for Older Internet Explorer (and Windows 8)

As previously announced by Microsoft, support for older versions of Internet Explorer has ended.  Windows 7 users should make sure they have installed Internet Explorer ver. 11, and should not be using any older versions of Internet Explorer.  When support is stopped for a browser or operating system, there are no new security patches, and malware may attempt to use newly-discovered vulnerabilities in the unsupported software.

If you are still using Windows XP (for which support ended April 2014) or Windows Server 2003 (support ended July 2015), this is another reason why you should upgrade or replace with a current … Read the rest

ADA CDT 2016 Code Changes

To follow up on the previous post, most insurance companies will require that claim submissions after January 1, 2016, use the ADA CDT 2016 codes. There are 19 new codes, 12 revised codes, and 8 deleted codes. The deleted codes include: D0260, D0421, D2970, D9220, D9221, D9241, D9242, D9931.
(This is intended as a summary of the code changes. Please consult the copyrighted ADA resources at ADA CDT Resources .)
New codes:
D0251 Image limited to exposure of complete posterior teeth in both dental arches…
D0422 Collection and preparation of genetic sample material…
D0433 Certified laboratory analysis to detect specific … Read the rest