ADA CDT 2016 to be required by some insurers

Every year or two the American Dental Association updates the Current Dental Terminology, which includes the procedure codes commonly used for submission of services to insurance companies.  In 2000 the CDT was designated as the HIPAA standard code set.  The most recently released version is CDT 2016.  The ADA retains a copyright to the CDT, and charges entities in the industry to use or reproduce the codes.  The ADA makes available resources, included printed and electronic copies of the CDT codes.  For more information on the ADA resources, see ADA CDT Resources

A number of dental insurance companies will require the use of the updated CDT 2016 codes.  For example, UCCI and affiliated companies require that all dental claim submissions after January 1, 2016, use the CDT 2016 codes.  In the DOM program, clients may add or update procedure codes that might be used in your practice.  For consistency, when adding codes use the three or four significant digits without the letter “D” (for Dental), which will be automatically added by the program for insurance submission.