ADA CDT 2017 Code Changes

Most insurance companies will require that claim submissions after January 1, 2017, use the ADA CDT 2017 codes.  There are 11 new codes, and one deleted code (D0290).  This article is intended as a summary of code changes.  Please consult the copyrighted ADA resources at ADA CDT Resources .

New codes:

D0414 Laboratory processing of microbial specimen to include culture and sensitivity studies, preparation and transmission of written report
D0600 Non-ionizing diagnostic procedure capable of quantifying, monitoring, and recording changes in structure of enamel, dentin, and cementum
D1575 Distal shoe space maintainer – fixed – unilateral
D4346 Scaling in presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation – full mouth, after oral evaluation
D6081 Scaling and debridement in the presence of inflammation or mucositis of a single implant, including cleaning of the implant surfaces, without flap entry and closure
D6085 Provisional implant crown
D9311 Consultation with a medical health care professional
D9991 Dental case management – addressing appointment compliance barriers
D9992 Dental case management – care coordination
D9993 Dental case management – motivational interviewing
D9994 Dental case management – patient education to improve oral health literacy