Are you still mailing copies of X-rays or perio charts to insurance companies?

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental Vice President, Systems Support

In our release of DOM version 9 in 2013, BRS included full integration with NEA FastAttach (electronic attachment service). NEA FastAttach allows the transmission of digital X-rays, scanned images, photos, periodontal charts, and narratives to a secure repository for viewing by insurance companies.  NEA partnered with BRS Dental to offer an integrated service.  The attachment information is included in the electronic claim sent via the BRS Dental DOM system.  If you have not yet registered for NEA FastAttach service, use the BRS promo code BRSRZ1M for extra savings (provides no-charge registration – a $200 value, and one month free service – valid through December 31, 2014).