BRS Dental presented at New York Dental Forum meeting

BRS Dental was invited to join other presenters at the New York Dental Forum’s Clinical Treatment Planning continuing education seminar on February 9, 2016 ( NY Dental Forum on Facebook  ).  The New York Dental Forum seminar was held at New York University’s College of Dentistry Rosenthal Aesthetic Institute.  Randy Smith, Senior VP of Consulting and Support, spoke on the New York State mandate requiring that all medical providers, including dentists, use only electronic prescriptions as of March 27, 2016 (delayed from March, 2015). Over two years ago BRS Dental partnered with DrFirst to offer dentists an integrated solution incorporating Rcopia (see ).  By using an integrated solution, our clients avoid having to re-enter patient demographic information when adding or checking patient prescriptions.  Rcopia includes the capability to check for appropriate dosage, view existing prescriptions from other medical providers, and screen for allergies and drug interactions.  Those providers that might need to prescribe controlled substances can comply with the requirements in NY and other states for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances via EPCS Gold (see ), which is compliant with New York State and all other states’ and Federal regulatory requirements.  Contact BRS Dental for more information on our integrated solution for electronic prescribing.