Covid-19 Pandemic Statement and Remote Access Option

At BRS Dental Software, our commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees and customers is paramount.  We understand the role we play providing support and business continuity during this critical time.  Covid-19 represents an extraordinary situation in our 40 years of providing mission-critical support to the healthcare industry.

BRS has long had the ability to work from the cloud, meaning we can provide support to our clients from anywhere, at any time.  At this point in the progression of the pandemic, the most important advice we can give you is to prepare for remote access to your network.  Remote access is vital to you and your practice – you can have access to patient information and your appointment scheduler.

We are pleased to offer a low-cost, simple solution for remote access to most networks.  We have partnered with DualMon, a service provider that offers encrypted, remote access to your office computers.  Each staff member will be able to access their assigned office workstation.

To get started now you can go to the website  .  Select the button labeled Start Your Free Trial, and in the Signup dialog (where you enter an email and password) select the “Pro” option.  You’ll need to provide a practice email address, and set up an account password.  There may be an offer for a “free” solution, but that will include ads and limited bandwidth.  We recommend you select the Upgrade option to set up the paid version, which is $49 per year for up to five computers (Enterprise offers plans for larger organizations).  Provide a credit card for payment, and continue on to the Unattended operation setup in the office.  You’ll assign a computer name and password to the office computers individually.  We suggest setting up at least two computers in the office so that there is a backup in case there is any problem with one computer.  At home or other remote location, sign on to your account, and select the computer to which you wish to connect.

This solution is available to any business, not just BRS clients.