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HIPAA Training Requirements for the Dental Office

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental Vice President, Systems Support

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), the HITECH Act of 2009,  and the follow-up Omnibus Final Rule of 2013 state that annual training is required for the Compliance Officer and all staff that have access to Protected Health Information (PHI).  Each dental office should have a Certified HIPAA Security Professional, and all staff should obtain at minimum HIPAA Workforce Certificate for Professionals or equivalent.  BRS has partnered with 4Med to offer HIPAA training and compliance services, with the added incentive to save 20% on training purchases, … Read the rest

Dentists must choose to opt in or out of Medicare enrollment

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

The ADANews (see ) announced that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published a final rule in May, 2014, that sets a deadline of June 1, 2015, by which time dentists that treat Medicare patients and prescribe Part D covered drugs must either opt-in or opt-out of Medicare.   If opting out, dentist cannot receive Medicare payments for two years.… Read the rest

Digital X-Ray Technologies

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

Digital imaging provides many benefits to the practice and the patients. Most modern digital imaging systems use lower doses of X-ray radiation than traditional film systems. With digital imaging, the purchase of film and chemicals is eliminated, with the additional benefit of not having to dispose of used film and waste chemicals. Digital images are available almost immediately for review, and if there is a need to re-take an image, that can be done before the patient is out of the dental operatory chair. On most systems, digital images are available … Read the rest

Should You Trust Your Dental Patient Information to a Data Center?

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

Why does it seem like everything is moving to the cloud?

You used to know where your data was — on the computer or server in your office. But now, the servers that contain your data may be across the country or across the world. You may not even own a local copy of the software you use — you use the internet to sign in and get access to the software’s functions.… Read the rest

Technology for Multi-Location Dental Practices

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

In the past few decades, many dental practices have expanded from single locations to two, three or more, sometimes with dozens or even more than 100 locations operating under common management and systems. BRS Dental was one of the first to offer dental practice management technology that could accommodate multi-location practices, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since.

What are the special needs of multi-location practices when it comes to dental practice management software?

  • Depending on the physical proximity of the locations, providers may work in more than one location. A
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The Paperless Office In Dentistry

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

Over the past decade, many dental offices have been working towards a goal of a “Paperless Office”.  Relying on paper charts and film-based X-ray records and pictures limits the office to one original record which may be misplaced or lost.  Those paper and film records take up lots of space, and present difficulties in dealing with patient privacy rules.

Dental practice management systems using computers began to be introduced in the late 1970’s, but early adoption was slow.  The earliest “personal” computers were very limited in both what they could to, … Read the rest