Technology for Multi-Location Dental Practices

By Randall Smith, BRS Dental, Vice President, Systems Support

In the past few decades, many dental practices have expanded from single locations to two, three or more, sometimes with dozens or even more than 100 locations operating under common management and systems. BRS Dental was one of the first to offer dental practice management technology that could accommodate multi-location practices, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since.

What are the special needs of multi-location practices when it comes to dental practice management software?

  • Depending on the physical proximity of the locations, providers may work in more than one location. A multi-location practice needs the ability to quickly access all schedule information from any location, and book patients at whichever location is most convenient for them.
  • Reporting needs the ability to review individual locations as well combine location information for aggregate information.

Starting in the 1980’s, BRS pioneered multi-location dental practice software, moving from text-based systems to the graphical user interfaces developed by Windows, to the robust and scalable Microsoft SQL Server databases, offering unlimited locations, providers and patient records. BRS takes advantage of evolving technologies to save dental practices space, energy and total cost of ownership, while increasing security.

BRS offers the delivery of Dental Office Manager (DOM) Enterprise Multi-Location in two distinct formats:

Centralized Server-Based Computing

The dental practice (or their IT partner) owns and maintains the servers in a central practice location. DOM and the associated SQL database utilize these servers, and the other dental practice locations connect to this central server location via high-speed internet connections. With administrative control, remote offices may view patient records and scheduling information for any location, and schedule patients for alternative locations and providers.

Hosted/Software as a Service (“SaaS”)

The dental practice’s DOM and patient data are stored in powerful servers located in a BRS-provided data center. Data centers are purpose-built facilities designed to accommodate hundreds or thousands of power computer servers, with high levels of physical security, advanced fire protection, special cooling systems, and power conditioning and battery backup. The hosted or SaaS solution allows the elimination of expensive data servers from the dental office and provides the highest levels of reliability and security. All functionality is the same as the centralized server method: remote offices may view patient records and scheduling information for any location, and schedule patients for alternative locations and providers, moderated by administrative control.

How can your multi-location practice benefit from DOM? Be in touch for a demo.

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