Data Integrity and Security

When the owner of a dental practice discovers that one of their employees has been fraudulently altering records, it can cause nights of little sleep, months of investigation, and years of rebuilding.

Fortunately, your security and peace of mind are one of our top priorities. BRS Dental Office Manager (DOM) has many security features to prevent tampering or make it obvious at a glance that the system has been tampered with — and which employee did it.

You can’t alter the ledger.

DOM doesn’t permit changes to income, payments and adjustments in the patient’s ledger. Procedures which support an audit trail allow transaction cancellations but not erasures or deletions. Cancellations remain in the ledger detail along with the date and time of cancellation; they don’t disappear.

You know who did what.

Individual transactions may be linked to an operator ID, attributing entries to individuals. Cancelled transactions are marked with the identity of the cancelling individual.

Fine-tune your staff’s privileges.

The DOM system provides multiple levels of password control, determining which staff has access to different features of the system. The Windows operating system user setup adds another level of security and control.

Visibility to all the day’s transactions.

The DOM Daysheet Report is a powerful tool to verify transaction entries and cancellations. All financial entries are listed, along with cancellations, insurance form submissions, and ledger notes. DOM numbers the individual Daysheet printings so management can monitor and account for every Daysheet printing to minimize the potential for fraud or theft. When the Daysheet report is cleared, it cannot be edited.

Locked and loaded.

Similarly, the BRS DOM system locks clinical notes and endodontic charts when the Daysheet is cleared. This prevents future changes to past notes, and is necessary to ensure that notes and charts represent a true record of evaluation and treatment.