iStock_000019454365LargeAll the data required for an dental e-Claim has been stored in BRS Dental Office Manager (“DOM”) ready for use as soon as the treatment has been completed and posted to the patient ledger. Unlike third-party services and insurance company web sites (or portals) that require entering patient IDs, practice IDs and passwords, all information in the DOM patient record is available for immediate electronic transmission of the dental insurance claim.

Data in the insurance claim can be reviewed in the familiar ADA claim form at any workstation in the practice, but the submission of the claim can be entirely electronic. DOM follows secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic insurance claim regulations. DOM uses the encrypted virtual private network (VPN) protocols to transmit patient records over the Internet.

DOM attaches the images needed to support a dental claim — DOM electronic perio and restorative charts, photographs and digital x-rays — using the NEA Fast Attach service. The Fast Attach program permits the practice to choose from the available images with only a few key strokes and dragging a mouse. Not every procedure requires supporting images, and Fast Attach supplies the requirement of each insurance company for certain procedures.


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