Electronic Attachments

Through our partnership with NEA FastAttach, BRS provides an integrated system for sending electronic attachments to insurance companies:


Electronic Attachments

include digital X-rays, intraoral camera pictures, other treatment pictures, periodontal charts, and narratives.  By using electronic attachments, you will avoid the costs and time spent printing or copying X-rays and other attachments, having to insert and post, and dealing with potential “lost” attachments when mailed.  And, as noted below, NEA helps you determine when attachments are needed (and more importantly, when they are NOT needed).

Where Do They Go?

NEA provides a secure repository service.  Images are sent in real-time electronically via a secure internet connection to the NEA servers.  An Attachment Reference Number is included on the insurance form (electronic insurance forms are preferred).  The insurance company uses the attachment number to access the NEA-stored image.

Why NEA?

BRS and NEA worked together to create an integrated system that automatically saves the NEA Attachment Reference Number in the DOM insurance claim record.  Almost all major insurance companies participate with NEA, and many other benefit plans and Third Party Administrators also use NEA.

What Else Does NEA Offer?

NEA provides detailed information on the specific requirements for image attachments specific to each participating insurance company.