“Am I covered for that treatment?”

real time eligibility can mean the difference between a patient scheduling an appointment or not

If a patient knows the answer is “yes,” they’ll usually start treatment immediately, or book an appointment.

If the answer is “we’re not sure — we’ll have to check with your insurance and you’ll hear back from them in a few days,” how many times do those patients disappear, never to receive the treatment?

RTE (real time eligibility) tells you the answer. Now. While the patient is sitting in your office.

RTE uses the patient’s insurance information stored in BRS Dental Office Manager (DOM) to send a query to the insurance company — all from within the DOM interface. No need to call insurance companies or log in to insurance websites.

Most insurance companies can confirm in seconds whether the patient is eligible and many insurers provide detailed information on coverage details, benefits used, and the remaining benefit amount. The insurance company response is dated and stored in DOM for later reference.

“Am I covered for that treatment?” With a few clicks of the mouse, real time eligibility will give you an answer.


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