Patient Statement Mailing Service

Printing Statements – Folding – Stuffing – Stamp licking …(Yuck)
Find someone else to do it!!  We did.

let the dental billing service from BRS take away your headache

Sending patient statements can be a very time consuming job for the practice staff.

DOM automates the entire dental billing process using the facilities of ExpressBill, a division of Emdeon, a major eclaims and transaction clearinghouse. Imagine how much time and money can be saved when staff spends time with patients in the office rather than folding statements, stuffing envelopes and affixing stamps.

The practice can set the criteria

For inclusion in the month-end batch of patient statements. Instead of printing on site, DOM transmits the statements to Emdeon’s dental billing service electronically using the encrypted and HIPAA compliant virtual private network (VPN) protocols.

Statements can be customized

With the practice logo and a promotional message. A “dunning message” is assigned based on a 30, 60 or 90 day outstanding balance. The patient/guarantor address is checked with the US Postal Service database for new/changed addresses in a process named “Fast Forward”. The practice has several degrees of freedom in choosing the cut-off date and details about credit card payment.


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