Appointment Tracker

Patient arrival and movement through the office is a vital function in a busy dental office.


BRS DOM Appointment Tracker offers ‘at a glance’ status monitoring of your scheduled appointments.


Watch the video.

DOM Appointment Tracker monitors dental patients from the waiting room, into the operatory and through checkout.  No-shows and same day broken appointments are clearly indicated.  The amount of time a patient has been in the waiting room is indicated by ‘level of frustration’ icons (happy, upset and angry) based upon user-defined time parameters.  (A legend appears below.)

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DOM Appointment Tracker is integrated with the DOM patient image system.  If an image of a dental patient is on file, a ‘thumbnail’ image of the patient can be displayed.  Double-clicking the thumbnail displays the patient image in a floating window.

The status of an appointment can be changed from the DOM Appointment Scheduler or directly from DOM Appointment Tracker.  In fact, the DOM application does not need to be running on the workstation in order to use DOM Appointment Tracker.

DOM Appointment Tracker is HIPAA compliant — patient names can be displayed in short, medium or full name formats, depending upon the location of each video monitor and visibility of the workstation displaying patient tracking information.


earlybird Early arrival
happy Patient in Waiting Room – recently arrived
frustrated Patient in Waiting Room – short wait time limit exceeded
angry Patient in Waiting Room – long wait time limit exceeded
operatory Patient in Operatory
checkedout Patient has Checked-Out

runninglate Patient Running Late
brokenappt Broken Appointment (no show)
samedaycxl Same Day Cancellation


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