Patient Messaging

Dental appointment reminders by e-mail and text messages –

  • reduce the number of no-shows
  • stimulate earlier cancellations and
  • provide a greater opportunity to fill each time slot.

The process becomes highly productive when computers do all the work.

Electronic patient messaging

BRS Dental partnered with Lighthouse 360 to offer complete, customized two-way communication that automatically updates the confirmation status of patients in the Scheduler of Dental Office Manager (“DOM”). You may select the specific timing of these reminders for your office. Avoiding several no-shows in a month often makes the service pay for itself.

BRS did the research

BRS original research indicates patients cancel appointments five times more frequently then failing to show up. The BRS/Lighthouse dental appointment reminders caused patients to cancel sooner. As a result more appointment slots were rebooked compared with a control group of appointments not using this messaging service. In a second measurement, providers billed for more hours per month as a percentage of the total time they were available. Over all income increased to several times the cost of the dental appointment reminder service.

Patients appreciate the service

Today many patients expect their healthcare providers to reach out to them by email and text, which are often their preferred contact methods. A last minute text message reminder about an hour before the appointment has been a big hit with patients and staff.

Reaching everyone

The BRS/Lighthouse dental appointment reminder system is “intelligent” — it first tries to use the low-cost electronic methods of email and text before automated phone calls or post cards. The BRS/Lighthouse reminder service offers optional automated phone calls with a recorded live human voice for those patients that don’t have an email address or cell phone number.

Keep in touch with patients

In the current competitive environment in many communities, you want to keep in touch with all your patients. Offering something of value to your patients, such as a dental health-oriented emailed newsletter (available with the Lighthouse 360 service) does that, and reminds the patient of your concern for their health. Use non-dental messages, such as emailed birthday greetings, to extend that contact. It’s all automatic, and all included as integrated Lighthouse services.

Manage patient surveys

BRS/Lighthouse 360 provides a personalized survey site called Rate-A-Dentist, and delivers survey invitations to your patients after completed appointments. You have the option to screen survey results, and may publish surveys to your website.

Make the internet help you

As much marketing and patient research moves to the web, tools provided with the Lighthouse 360 services help you integrate patient surveys with your web site and Facebook page. BRS/Lighthouse can send some or all patients to public rating sites in order to increase the number of positive reviews in more places. With a variety of options available, your practice can create a positive presence on the internet.

You have control

Virtually every aspect of the BRS/Lighthouse dental appointment reminder service may be customized, including when messages are sent, and the content of messages. The BRS DOM program and the Lighthouse 360 portal both include the ability to turn off selected messaging “transports” (email, text, calls) for individual patients. The BRS/Lighthouse service also allows communications to all patients scheduled for a particular day, such as in the event of the office closed during a snowstorm. You decide which types of messaging “campaigns” (appointment confirmations, recall reminders, birthday greetings, survey invitations, and newsletter emails) you wish to use.

Accessible everywhere by internet

Authorized staff may access the Lighthouse 360 Portal from anywhere with internet, even from mobile devices. The portal provides a copy of the current patient schedule, and additional patient contact information if needed. In the event of an office closure, such as bad weather, for example, the portal may be used to send an email message to all patients scheduled that day.

The Dental Appointment Reminder Service saves time and makes your work easier

Once set up, these services work automatically. Yes, you can get more out of the system with active engagement and use, but all the routine activities, such as sending all those messages and marking appointments confirmed in the scheduler, all happen automatically! Lighthouse 360 provides tools to enhance your productivity and patients services, such as a Daily Task List, emailed to your office, and noting patients that may be missing contact information. Your Lighthouse 360 Portal provides helpful statistics on patients, recalls, and appointments.


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