DOM Lab Track

Watch the video.


Link it.

DOM Lab Track links one or more lab cases to an appointment. Office and dental staff can see clearly whether the lab work is ready when the patient is slated to come in, and they can access the details easily.


DOM helps you build your own list of dental laboratories, contact information, fees for lab cases, charges per code and a description of procedures.

Case opened.

Once you link a lab case to an appointment, you can access the lab case from the appointment block in the DOM Scheduler. DOM notifies you of lab case status via symbols located next to the patient’s name in the appointment block.

Reporting, too.

You can produce detailed Lab Track reports from DOM’s reporting facility. DOM maintains a status history for each dental lab case. If you wish, you can customize lab case reports by filtering on:

  • Lab
  • Provider
  • Date or time period
  • Status
  • Returns to lab
  • Office location
  • Lab case not linked to any appointment


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