BRS Dental-Cloud

“My office is under water. Can I get access to DOM at home?”

This was the message from a client who was in the Hurricane Sandy flood zone. Since the practice was using BRS Dental-Cloud, in 30 minutes we were able to get the office manager up and running on her home computer. She had access to every element of the DOM program she used in the office, with complete HIPAA compliance, and she was able to call patients to reschedule their appointments.

BRS Dental-Cloud is the hosted, web-based version (otherwise known as SaaS — Software as a Service) of our BRS Dental Office Manager program. All data is housed in a secure data center. Data and program functions are accessed via the internet on a secure, HIPAA-compliant Virtual Private Network (“VPN”).

As a Dental-Cloud client, you never have to think about local server maintenance for your practice management data. Downtime due to server or network issues is reduced. You have the flexibility to access data from any location with an internet connection. BRS Support can quickly view your Dental-Cloud session to help with any questions or problems.

(For clients who prefer to have DOM software and data on hardware located in the practice office, BRS Dental offers on-site systems. BRS Dental can provide a turn-key system complete with all necessary computer hardware in additional to the software. BRS Dental can also work with your local IT company to assist with system setup and installation.
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