Hardware System Design

Choices for Dental Practice Management Systems

BRS DOM software uses scalable Windows platforms.  We don’t have specific “minimum” system requirement — virtually any current Windows platform will run DOM.  Since Microsoft Windows XP reached the end of life as of April 8, 2014, we recommend a currently-supported platform such as Windows 7, Windows 8, or one of the Windows Server operating systems including Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012.  DOM was specifically designed to work efficiently in the Remote Desktop Connection (“RDP”, or “Terminal Services”) environment.  In fact, BRS uses the RDP connection to provide our Software as a Service (“SaaS”) or “Dental-Cloud” solution.  For in-office servers, small single-location offices may use a Windows “Peer-to-Peer” network.  If supporting more than 6 workstations, or for multi-location support, BRS recommends a server with a “server operating system”, and RDP capability for multi-office needs.  Of course, our Dental-Cloud service is perfect for multi-location practices!

BRS uses Microsoft SQL Server for all DOM systems

Whether you use our Dental-Cloud service, or your own in-office server, DOM is based on the robust and scalable Microsoft SQL Server platform.  Available at no cost for small offices as SQL Express, and up to SQL Enterprise for very large practices, SQL Server is recognized as an industry-leading database.  BRS is a Microsoft “Silver” ISV Partner, and our DOM software has passed Microsoft “Platform Ready” testing for SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012.

BRS works with your staff, or local IT partners

Our support staff has extensive experience cooperating with technicians working on a dental practice system. We speak directly to technicians at large practices. Some clients obtain local IT assistance, and BRS regularly works with other IT professionals to assure that clients’ systems work reliably. BRS has an international reputation of providing competent, collaborative support to clients’ IT providers.
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