Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

BRS provides unlimited telephone and remote support, and frequent software updates throughout the year. Our personnel are able to securely connect, view and troubleshoot on our clients’ desktops. BRS Dental Systems Support is based in the USA.

Publisher Support

As the originator of the DOM program and its specialty programs (orthoDOM, endoDOM, perioDOM and OSDOM), BRS Dental has complete access to all source code and information on the program design. Most DOM program enhancements originate from our dentist customers, and we accept custom programming assignments. With our DOM Enterprise and Dental-Cloud solutions, we use Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to quickly provide custom reports.

Holistic IT Health for the Dental Practice

BRS Support extends advice on the integration of third-party software and peripheral devices such as digital X-ray and imaging. Our experienced staff can also assist with questions relating to operating systems, servers, computers, terminals and other peripheral devices.

Options for turn-key systems and Software as a Service

BRS can deliver the DOM software in a variety of ways, including in-office systems or the BRS Dental-Cloud service, which is a hosted, Software as a Service option. With Dental-Cloud, practice records are housed in a secure data center. The Dental-Cloud data center does all the server maintenance and back-ups. Dental-Cloud users access the practice data via the internet on a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”)… from anywhere.

BRS works with your staff, or local IT partners

For clients who prefer to have DOM software and data on their own local system, we can provide a complete turn-key system with computers. Or we can work with a local IT company to assist with system setup and installation. Our support staff has extensive experience working with other IT professionals to assure that clients’ systems work reliably. If your dental practice has internal IT personnel, we’ll directly provide them with any level of assistance.


In our function as an electronic claims clearinghouse aggregator, BRS Dental is required to be HIPAA-compliant, and all our staff have received HIPAA privacy training.


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