NYS has new requirements for Practitioner EPCS Registration

NYS changed the requirements for registration of EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) effective this week. Prior to this, doctors were required to complete and email a Practitioner EPCS Registration form to the NYS DOH. The new requirement eliminates that path for registration, and requires that all new registrations be completed online via the NYS Health Commerce System ( ).  Once logged on, you can find instructions for completing the registration through the HCS “ROPES” application. Do not begin ROPES until you have completed the EPCS identity-proofing, received your transaction ID, activated with your two-factor authentication, and have had an administrative staff member complete Logical Access Control.

For BRS Dental clients, in ROPES, when indicating the application, select “DrFirst Rcopia”, Revision 3.

Keep in mind that ALL NYS providers using EPCS are required to register with the NYS DOH HCS for the Prescription Monitoring Program, and register the EPCS application as noted above. The PMP is completely separate from EPCS, and must be used PRIOR to creating a prescription for Schedule II-V drugs.

Over a year ago BRS Dental partnered with DrFirst to offer dentists an integrated solution incorporating Rcopia (see ).  By using an integrated solution, our clients avoid having to re-enter patient demographic information when adding or checking patient prescriptions.  Rcopia includes the capability to check for appropriate dosage, view existing prescriptions from other medical providers, and screen for allergies and drug interactions.  Those providers that might need to prescribe controlled substances can comply with the requirements in NY and most other states for Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances via EPCS Gold (see ), which is compliant with New York State and almost all other states’ regulatory requirements.  Contact BRS Dental for more information on our integrated solution for electronic prescribing, or see our web site page at  .