Dental patient health — and dental office health — is largely dependent on patients making and keeping the follow up appointments they need. BRS Dental Office Manager (DOM) keeps you on top of patient recare in your practice by scheduled, automatic activities to ensure the patient’s return to your office.

To encourage healthy recare, DOM integrates recare awareness into the patient record, appointment scheduler, posting, and patient communications and electronic messaging. In particular:

Patient messaging and recare work together

Recall reminders can be sent to patients that are due for a recare appointment. When printing reports or postcards in the office, only patients due in the specified range of dates will be included in the batch. If using our integrated BRS/Lighthouse 360 electronic messaging service, recall reminders are completely automatic.

Integration of recall and appointment scheduling

The DOM Appointment Scheduler has different internal codes that differentiate between scheduled recare appointments and patients that have not yet scheduled recare. Both built-in recall functions and the Lighthouse 360 integration use these codes to know what stage a patient is up to and to send the appropriate messages. Patients are guided to schedule and keep the appointments they need, and to come prepared for their treatment.

Patient recare interval flexibility

Patients may have different recare needs. Any interval may be selected for a patient, so they are not locked into the typical six month recall.

Multiple recall types and assignments

Any patient may be simultaneously assigned to more than one recall type. For example, a patient may be set up for hygiene maintenance, and separately for a future implant check reminder. Although not likely needed, DOM provides each patient with up to 16 separate recall types.

Overdue patients are flagged

All functions — patient messaging, screen displays, reports, and office-generated postcards – can indicate that the patient is not just “due” on the current date, but rather overdue, and for how long.


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