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iStock_000039888754LargeWhat do our customers say about BRS Dental?

Our customers are BRS Dental, and we’ve crafted the program in their image, listening to every suggestion. Something’s not right? We’re here with individual guidance, to explain in the way that’s right for you, whether you’re a certified IT guy, or a certified non-techie.

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iStock_000017918616LargeWe’ve got your back.

Super-fast response time — we know that when you need to know something or fix an issue, you need it now. Unlimited support calls. Frequent updates — often guided by customer requests.

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Filipino man using skypeInteractive, customized training.

You and your staff are busy people. BRS Dental’s web-based training allows each staff member to receive individualized training on the topics they need, when they need it.

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iStock_000017051903MediumTaking you to the clouds.

You have the option of accessing DOM through BRS The complete DOM program and functionality in a web-hosted interface. HIPAA compliant and secure, available anywhere and anytime — even during one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the Northeast.

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iStock_000012360337MediumHolistic Support

We care that all the IT in your dental office runs smoothly. We often guide the redesign of dental practice hardware and IT systems to maximize performance, working hand-in-hand with your local IT techs.

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iStock_000002727602MediumPractice records need protection.

Data cannot be deleted. Clinical Notes are locked. Staff becomes accountable. Learn more




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