Patient Management

The Scheduler: Your practice command center

DOM patient scheduling software keeps your dental office moving smoothlyDesigned for large monitors.

View a week at a glance.

The DOM Scheduler wide format displays multiple providers and chairs for an entire week. Each appointment block reveals all the needed information. Customize the patient Scheduler for the way you work.
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patient responses are incorporated directly into the patient scheduling programPatient messaging is a two-way conversation

Appointment reminders are sent automatically. Patient responds with a click.

Patients can choose email, text or telephone reminders.
Their responses show up in the Scheduler in minutes, with no manual intervention. Everybody’s favorite: a text message 90 minutes before the appointment. Learn more

Appointment Tracking. It’s 10 AM is the patient here yet?

Track patients on monitors throughout the office. When did he arrive? How long has she been waiting? Where is the patient at this moment? Whether in the treatment room or a private office, a monitor will display the next patient for each provider. Learn more

Appt tracker2

your patient scheduling software will stay filled if you deal the right way with recareA healthy recare program is the key to practice financial health

Managing patient re-care is a key component to patient retention, and provides opportunities to present patients with needed treatment. Learn more


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