Office Managers

Turn-key Treatment Plans

Clinical ChartingThe goal is to present treatment plans with all the information required for informed consent on the patient’s first visit. Automatically selects appointments covered by dental insurance. Completely researches insurance benefits. Electronic transmission sent to the practice database before the appointment. Populates treatment plans with benefits by procedure. Calculates patient’s out-of-pocket and balance remaining.
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The Scheduler: Your practice command center

DOMschedulerDesigned for large monitors.

View a week at a glance

The DOM Scheduler wide format displays multiple providers and chairs for an entire week. Each appointment block reveals all the needed information. Customize the Scheduler for the way you work. Learn more

iStock_000019325422MediumReal-Time Eligibility

Get detailed information on remaining coverage and benefits available for the patient in two mouse clicks. Avoid the time consuming browser sessions with logons, user identification and passwords. Learn more


office manager checking patient dental benefitsE-claim Submission

Begins automatically when the provider marks a treatment completed on a clinical chart. All the data required for the e-claim is available in the patient’s record in DOM. The e-claim can be reviewed in the familiar ADA Form.
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NEA Fast Attach

iStock_000014290885LargeEasily select and send attachments to an e-claim:

  • digital X-rays
  • intraoral camera pictures
  • other treatment pictures
  • periodontal charts
  • narratives

NEA provides a secure repository service. Learn more

dentist checking claim status and dental benefitsClaims status

Let your patient know their claim status right away. Once you submit an e-claim through DOM, most insurers will send back details such as payment amount, date and check number.

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iStock_000004789047LargeLet DOM do it.

Patient Statement Mailing Service is an economical way to free up staff time. Learn more





Taking you to the clouds.

You have the option of accessing DOM through BRS Dental Cloud. The complete DOM program and functionality in a web-hosted interface. HIPAA compliant and secure, available anywhere and anytime — even during one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the Northeast. Learn more



iStock_000017918616LargeWe’ve got your back.

Super-fast response time — we know that when you need to know something or fix an issue, you need it now. Unlimited support calls. Frequent updates — often guided by customer requests. Learn more



iStock_000002727602MediumPractice records need protection.

Data cannot be deleted. Clinical Notes are locked. Staff becomes accountable. Learn more



Life-in-the-fast-laneLife in the fast lane.

Posting from clinical charts speeds up the billing process. Print immediately or send an e-claim. Contract billing for specialists. Learn more



It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your patient is?

Appt tracker2Track patient progress and waiting time with a glance at a monitor. Nothing gives a patient more reassurance than being told, “I know you’ve been waiting for half an hour. Your turn will be soon.” Learn more


can telephonesAppointment confirmation is a two-way conversation

Appointment reminders are sent automatically to the patient’s choice of email, text or telephone. Their response directly updates your Scheduler. Everyone’s favorite: a text message 90 minutes before the appointment. Learn more


Filipino man using skypeInteractive, customized training.

You and your staff are busy people. BRS Dental’s web-based training allows each staff member to receive individualized training on the topics they need, when they need it. No sitting through all day lectures intended to introduce everyone to everything the program can do — we value your time too much for that. Learn more